The woods co-op 10% full spectrum oil. 1000mg 10ml

The woods co-op 10% oil. 1000mg 10ml

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The woods co-op 10% Oil offers a higher percentage of CBD (compared to our RAW Oil), and has been through two extra steps of processing:

1. Partial decarboxylation
Partial decarboxylation allows for some of the CBDa to be converted to active CBD (adding further to naturally occurring CBD).

2. De-waxing 
To go one step further and allow for a more “liquidy” product, the oil is also de-waxed. Oils with higher concentrations of CBD must be de-waxed to be “liquidy". This is the only filtration process we use. Keeping processing to a minimum allows the bioactive compounds in our 10% Oil to be as close to their natural make-up as possible.

The only other ingredient that we add to the 10% Oil is MCT oil (from Coconut Oil). The woods co-op 10% Oil can be used by anyone, but may be more suited to individuals looking for extra CBD benefits.

Topical use only.

For use in your pechoti (belly button) or soles of your feet.